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Justin Sibley is the founder and Director of the boutique criminal law firm Sibley Lawyers. First established in 2017 by Justin and his father Robert Sibley, the firm now employs a number of capable advocates who will ensure you get the best representation possible.

What Makes Us Different

Justin was first admitted as a Barrister in 2002 whilst still an operational police officer. All of his advocates are former Police, Barristers and Prosecutors. It is in your best interests to seek the assistance of Justin Sibley and his team.

Some of the Areas we Can Help

Civil Liberties – Obstruct and Assault Offences Against Police

Justin never leaves your matter to chance. If you are pleading not guilty, you especially need his advocacy. Justin has significant experience in civil liberties and ensuring that his clients rights are not trampled on by the police. He has had major wins against the police in circumstances of excessive force, and other non-compliance with Police duties.

If you have been charged with public nuisance or obstruct or assault police, you may have no memory of the altercation. Chances are Police did not comply with their obligations under the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act. You should get advice from us before simply accepting facts that may bear little resemblance to what actually happened. He knows how the police and prosecutors work, ensuring you get the best defence available.

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Sexual Assaults

As a former investigator in the Child and Sexual Assault Unit, Justin is particularly well placed to defend those that have been wrongly accused of a sexual offence or an offence against a child. Sexual offences can range from minor touching on a train, to rape and indecent treatment of a child. Depending on your instructions, your matter might be resolved in the Magistrates Court, or it may need a trial in the District Court. We have represented many clients charged with accessing or possessing Child Exploitation Material. These often follow investigations of the type we were involved in as a police officer.

Depending on whether you have been charged with accessing the material, or simply possessing it, will depend on whether you are charged pursuant to Commonwealth Criminal Code or the Queensland Criminal Code. Any offence against a child is serious, and you will need the best representation possible to avoid the presumption that you will serve a term of imprisonment.

Whether you have been charged, or are under investigation, you ought to get advice now from a criminal lawyer with extensive experience in law enforcement and advocacy.

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Drug Offences

The offences related to drugs can range from minor possession to trafficking in a dangerous drug. Depending on the quantity and nature of the drug, the Police might be alleging that you have possessed a commercial quantity for the purpose of sale. This makes the offence more serious, and it will be dealt with in the Supreme Court.

Justin has dealt with all manner of drug matters, including importation, trafficking, supplying and possession. He has a particular insight into the methodologies of Police. If the arrest has followed a search, there will be a number of issues to unpack, not just lawfulness. Police may have had you under technical and physical surveillance for example. It is important you get advice quickly, ideally whilst the police are there, and certainly before you agree to participate in an interview with police. If police have taken your phone, we will give you advice regarding any request for your PIN, whether that be pursuant to a warrant or not.

The penalties regarding drug offences can be severe, but for first time offenders with small quantities, we may be able to get you drug diversion with no conviction recorded. For many working in roles that require them not to have a conviction recorded, a criminal conviction, even for a first time drug possession, can be disastrous. Justin will assist you to obtain an outcome where the exercise of discretion falls in your favour.

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Assault Offences

Justin has assisted clients with all manner of assault charges, ranging from common assaults to GBH and wounding. Cases he has worked on include glassings, GBHs over a pool game, self defence cases and matters where provocation has been a key factor leading to acquittal. In all too many cases, an altercation between two individuals where blows are exchanged results in charges being brought against the wrong person. Police are often quick to choose a side, and often fail to be objective and open to different alternatives in their investigations. Justin has successfully defended many ‘he said she said’ cases, forcing the police to conduct a diligent investigation.

Property Offences and Fraud

Justin has successfully defended offences against property ranging from wilful damage to break and enter offences and robbery. Depending on the nature of the offence, your age and antecedents, the outcomes will vary. Even a drunken prank at a 7-Eleven where there is a demand for money, a purported weapon and a threat of harm, can see you end up serving actual time in custody. Justin has helped clients with all manner of these offences, as well as fraud offences, such as one case where the complainants were tricked into believing they were meeting up with a prostitute for services. Whilst these may have been pranks, they can result in significant penalties. Unpacking the evidence, and negotiation with the Crown can mean the difference between serving actual time and avoiding a term of imprisonment. We encourage you to get advice early.

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Domestic Violence Offences and Applications

Domestic Violence is a scourge in our society. However sadly we have found many clients subjected to vexatious DV applications. DV is now an easy allegation to make, with Police prepared to take out applications in many instances where they simply shouldn’t. Once an order has been made, breaches, even trivial, can result in charges being brought. We have regularly seen DV matters brought at the end of a relationship with the nefarious purpose of controlling access to children. Often once we resolve this for our clients, they need assistance in the family court to get orders for access.

Justin has successfully defended DV hearings, obtaining orders for costs against the police. There are many genuine aggrieved’s, and often the Police don’t help when they should. Justin has routinely acted for clients who have been the victim of DV, necessitating a private application.

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Serious Indictable Offences

Murder, attempted murder, malicious acts with intent and other offences causing death must proceed on indictment. They are serious offences, and if you have been charged with one of these offences, your case deserves the best legal minds available. Depending on the circumstances, you may have strong prospects to defend your matter, relying on defences such as self-defence and provocation.

Traffic Offences and Dangerous Operation Charges

Our clients face charges ranging from drink and drug driving, to careless and dangerous driving causing death. Depending on the offence, the matter might be dealt with in the Magistrates Court, or it may need to proceed on indictment. The loss of a licence, and potential incarceration, are outcomes we strive to avoid. Regardless of the nature of the charge, if you are engaging Justin Sibley, you will receive the same level of specialised advocacy you can expect of a Barrister appearing on a serious assault charge.

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About our Leadership Team Justin Sibley and Robert Sibley

As a former Police Officer with over 25 years of professional experience, Justin Sibley has a unique insight into how the Police and Prosecutors work. Justin uses his unique insight from this experience as both a Barrister and a Police Officer to take a strategic yet practical approach to criminal law, elements that are critical for his clients.

Robert Sibley has extensive experience as a practicing Barrister and brings a high level of expertise and experience in Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Evidence Law. He has over 40 years of experience in the Criminal Justice System at all levels having worked for the Public Defenders Office, the DPP, the Special Prosecutor’s Office and as a Barrister in private practice. Robert taught many of the prosecutors, Magistrates and Judges in Queensland. Together they lead a strong team of specialists.

Our Services Include:

  • Drug Offences
  • Assault and Sexual Offences
  • Street Offences and Obstruct/Assault Police
  • Traffic Matters including Dangerous Operation
  • Money Laundering and Dishonesty Offences
  • White Collar Offences & Regulatory
  • Domestic Violence
  • Murder and Dangerous Acts Causing Death
  • Coronial Inquests
  • Bail Applications
  • Appeals

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